Background Processing Class in AS3

I’ll be trying to release some useful classes over the next couple of months, many of which I used to build Rainbow. So starting off here’s a class that became pretty handy when running a function that chewed up lots of CPU time. This is a simple background process manager class that uses up […]

Introducing Rainbow Live

Code and Visual is happy to announce the launch of Rainbow Live XML Editor. Rainbow has been developed to answer the needs of Flash developers who use XML as a data source. With Rainbow Live you can combine the ease of Visual XML editing with the power of a Live Content Management System (CMS). If […]

Introducing Code and Visual

Bringing together the latest in flash design and development. Based in Sydney Australia, Code and Visual provides design and development services for angencies and businesses small and large. Over 10 years of experience in interactive design and development focusing recently on developing Flash games and websites in AS3. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough […]

Creative Digital Agency

Code and Visual works with clients around Australia to create and build outstanding and accessible digital services. If you want to discus a project contact us now for an initial consultation.


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