Game In Development – Spider Leap

With the recent release of Air 2.7 Adobe is claiming that they’ve increased performance by up to 4 times what was previously possible. You have to take that with a grain of salt though as the proof is always in real world use and while I would definitely say 2.6 was a vast improvement upon […]

Experimenting wtih Pixel Bender for Blitting in Flash

I’d been meaning to have a play around with Pixel Bender for a long while and finally got some time up my sleeve so decided that today was the day. What I was interested in wasn’t necessarily the image filtering razzle dazzle, but more trying to find out if there was a way to harness […]

How to Embed Fonts in Flash For Use With Dynamic TextFields and Complex Formatting

I’ve been building Flash sites and applications for a while now and I still sometimes forget how to properly embed fonts for use with dynamic text. I’m not talking about populating existing TextFields that have manually had fonts embedded in them, but rather more complex situations where you are either dynamically creating TextFields or you […]

Google App Inventor – Director revisited?

Having just seen the story about Google’s new App Inventor, something immediately felt very familiar. For anyone who remembers the good ol’ days of Macromedia Director and it’s ‘Behaviors’ the drag and drop coding paradigm might ring a bell. What follows is a bit of a whine, I never knew it was in me, but […]

Open source AS3 frameworks to test run

With so many handy AS3 frameworks out there I often get excited about each new offering, but in the end I’m overwhelmed with the options and so rarely give any a test run.   Frameworks I use Here’s a list of frameworks that I do rely on heavily and couldn’t live without (This is mostly […]

Changing the behaviour of a class without recompiling.

This is a feature in AS3 that I hadn’t come accross before. If you ever load swf files into one another you might not know it, but you’ll be dealing with application domains. I’ve loaded in SWF’s before, but never had to pay any specific attention to the applicationDomain. Basically they allow you to specify […]

How to Import MovieClips into a Flash Builder ActionScript Project

With the release of the new Flash Builder Beta from Adobe labs, more Actionscript developers will be tempted to leave the Flash IDE and head to what is now the rebranded Flex Builder. Previously there has been a bit of confusion over what Flex and Flex Builder were for, not everybody realised that you could […]

Getting started with PureMVC – Part 1

I’ve been meaning to get stuck in to MVC patterns with AS3 for a while now and had been hearing lots of good things about PureMVC. Got a little project the other day that I think is perfect to use as an introduction. I’ll be writing about the process as I go, which will definately […]

Background Processing Class in AS3

I’ll be trying to release some useful classes over the next couple of months, many of which I used to build Rainbow. So starting off here’s a class that became pretty handy when running a function that chewed up lots of CPU time. This is a simple background process manager class that uses up […]

Introducing Rainbow Live

Code and Visual is happy to announce the launch of Rainbow Live XML Editor. Rainbow has been developed to answer the needs of Flash developers who use XML as a data source. With Rainbow Live you can combine the ease of Visual XML editing with the power of a Live Content Management System (CMS). If […]

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