Banner Ad Development Checklist


If you’ve made many banner ads before then at some point you’ll have had a situation where the client dumps a whole bunch of specification docs, from various publishers and ad systems and perhaps a complex excel matrix outlining the launch dates, variations and limitations and expect you to take on the task of collating it all into a list of deliverables. In short, a mess.

This one is a bit like a hot potato with everyone trying to avoid being responsible for making the call on the definitive list of requirements for the final swf files. Ideally this should be collated and presented as part of the brief/scope however banner builds rarely run like clockwork.

Here’s a checklist I supply clients with now before commencing any builds, asking them to supply a filled list for each .swf file they need built. I’m sure it’s a pain but it always keeps the build honest and pays off in hindsight when the banners come in to spec and within time and budget.

  • Creative title: (e.g. “Car ad, blue variation”)
  • First review date: (e.g. 01/01/2000)
  • Launch date: (e.g. 01/01/2000)
  • Ad system: (eg doubleclick, mediamind, none etc.)
  • Ad type: (eg Rich/Polite/Standard/Expanding)
  • Ad size: (eg 728×90 pixels)
  • Format: (eg Flash AS2, Flash AS3, Animated Gif)
  • Flash player version: (e.g. max flash player 9)
  • Click through URL: (Can be blank if using click through code)
  • Click through code: (e.g. on(release){ getURL (_level0.clickTag, “_blank”);} )
  • Animated expand: (eg yes/no – applicable to expanding only)
  • Video: (eg yes/no)
  • Size limit: (eg 40kb)
  • FPS: (eg 24fps)
  • Animation loop length: (eg 15secs)
  • Audio (excluding applicable video): (eg yes/no)
  • Backup gif required: (eg Yes, single frame)
  • External files (XML etc.): (eg N/A)
  • Additional reporting: (eg EB.UserActionCounter, N/A)

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