Flash Developer Sydney


Flash Developer Sydney

Flash Development

Code and Visual provide contracted and outsourced Flash and web development solutions for a range of clients both large and small. With all the talk about HTML 5 for the web and working with native code on devices, Code and Visual still have a strong enthusiasm for the Flash platform and the many current and future benefits it offers. Visit our portfolio.

Working with Flash

With Flash we’ve developed SEO compatible websites, a Flash CMS, stock market tools for the desktop, games for the browser, apps on mobile devices (both iOS and Android), apps for the browser, digital film and TV props, e-cards, animations and illustrations. All with the same technology! Flash as a tool is so versatile and so well suited to rapid prototyping that the real and tangible benefits are just too practical to ignore in many cases.

What is Flash Good For?

Sure it’s not perfect, and being a jack of all trades, for all platforms, is going to introduce limitations but in my opinion a lot of these are performance and resouce based which, with Moore’s Law and continued development by Adobe, are only transient issues. If you require a developer for your next project, be sure to contact us.


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    Code and Visual works with clients around Australia to create and build outstanding and accessible digital services. If you want to discus a project contact us now for an initial consultation.


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