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With the recent release of Air 2.7 Adobe is claiming that they’ve increased performance by up to 4 times what was previously possible. You have to take that with a grain of salt though as the proof is always in real world use and while I would definitely say 2.6 was a vast improvement upon 2.5, I’ve not seen a quantum leap in performance moving on to 2.7 – not for the games I build anyway (Adobe seemed to have focussed on media playback (video,sound etc.)). Having said that, we’re light years ahead of where we were with the original Flash iPhone exporter and now making games for iPhone is a real and plausible proposition!

So now on to the game. It’s DoodleJump meets Bloons! OK I admit that phrase ran through my head once or twice, but I’m yet to be convinced there is glory to be had from riding on the coat-tails of other previous winners. The thinking for Spider Leap is that it takes the “get as far/high as you can” aspect of DoodleJump and combines it with the importance of accuracy as in Bloons. Neither of those ideas are unique even to the two games I’ve mentioned so it’s valid enough to use them as a starting point. Hopefully by combining the two it’ll have a combination of challenges that work well together

Click and drag the mouse to make the spider jump. Grab as many stars as you can without falling off the bottom of the screen. Watch out for bees as they will knock you from your path.

You can see the development is quite far along, the inspiration came from a quick demo I released a few weeks ago but I am still not sure where to take the game play aspect. Right now I’ve covered the screen with stars and there is no win/lose condition (besides falling off the bottom of the screen) But what I’m thinking is that you may be required to achieve a certain score per level (obviously to get harder and harder). I won’t go in to all the other scoring mechanics I’ve had, but there have been 3 or 4 that I’ve been circling around, unable to find the right implementation.

As for the look, I made it water coloured just to be a bit different, hopefully it doesn’t turn people off because it’s not “gamey” enough, but I thought it was kind of interesting – I haven’t seen too many other games using that style.


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