Recent Work – Eggy Vocabulary – #1 Educational iPad app


Recent Work - Eggy Vocabulary – #1 Educational iPad appRecent Work - Eggy Vocabulary – #1 Educational iPad app

Just finished a great project to work on with a very satisfying result seeing the app reach the number one slot on the app store immediately, thanks I’m sure to a lot of great marketing on Blakes behalf.

Reaching the top of the iTunes charts in the very first weekend of release this educational app was built for 3RDsense as part of Blake’s “Eggy” suite. Eggy Vocabulary takes children through activities covering seven days of the week, with each picturing a scene from seven different exciting excursions. The app was built with Adobe Air and is ported to both iOS and Android for smartphones and tablets using primarily the same code base.

Gameplay sees children 3 years+ searching for hidden objects in the various scenes with awards and unlock-able characters for finishing each activity. The app is accompanied by a voice over in 3 selectable accents (English, Australian and American).

View Eggy Vocabulary on the app store.


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