Recent work: Responsive design portfolio website – This is Ikon


This site was a fun build, relying heavily on jQuery to assist with developing the entirely custom responsive design.

I’ve used the words adaptive and responsive interchangeably before but it seems a pretty accepted definition of the differences is that responsiveness relates to a dynamic scaling of the site layout and contents so that it will resize to the current browser size and proportions in an intelligent manner (fluidity); Adaptive then refers to having specific layouts swapped in depending on the device/screen size. To make things interesting the development of this web design would require both at the same time – so the end result is two responsive layouts for the one site. My preferred approach with something like this is to use as much of the one code base as possible so instead of switching out style-sheets and JavaScript classes I like to work to size thresholds, percentages and simple conditionals – not that the other approach isn’t valid. Their actual definitions cover a much wider range of concerns but for this project, these were the things that were important.

Love the Design the Ikon folks came up with – they’ve got a lot of great work and hopefully the site does a good job in showcasing that.

View: This is ikon – Responsive website design


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