Tooth’N’Claw – Code and Visual’s latest Flash game launches on MiniClip


We’re happy to announce that Tooth’N’Claw has been launched on the world’s biggest Flash games site, Miniclip. Go and have a play now while it’s enjoying front page status!

Tooth'N'Claw - Code and Visual's latest Flash game launches on MiniClipTooth'N'Claw - Code and Visual's latest Flash game launches on MiniClip

Tooth’N’Claw is a classic platformer game with cute modern graphics, even if I do say so myself.

Technically speaking the game uses blitting quite extensively with all the artwork drawn on to a single bitmapData. I built quite a flexible animation system for it which allowed semi dynamic filters and effects to be used and applied at run time. The game itself took about 6 months to make as I was experimenting and building the game framework as I went – a good exercise in refinement.

In the end I would say that the production time was evenly split three ways between programming of the game engine, programming and design of the interface and network connectivity, and design and production of the artwork. I think It’s a good way to roughly break down jobs in the future when quoting.


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