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Need a market-leading website at a cost-effective price?
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Affordable prices.
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Small, Medium or Large, our range of fully-featured packages allow you to take the guess work out of budgeting for your new website.

We're bringing our expert web development services to businesses of all shapes and sizes with pre-packaged solutions. No matter your budget, we'll create a highly-effective website that attracts customers and drives user engagement, thanks to our well-tested UX framework and design patterns.

Different packages, the same DNA.

We've focused on what counts, which is why all of our packages share the most important integrations and inclusions as standard. No matter which option you choose, your new website will be equipped to make an impact with your users, and gain valuable insights into their behaviour.

All of our packages include:

  • Lightning fast page loads
  • Beautiful modern design
  • Well-tested UX wireframes
  • Best practice on-page SEO
  • Lead generation form
  • Mobile responsive layout
  • Custom branding
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Search Console registration
  • Mailing list integration
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Custom event tracking
  • Integrated CTA messaging
  • Image gallery
  • Lightweight code framework
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Live QA ticketing system
  • Browser Testing

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from $2,500*

The Small package is great if you're a new business taking its first steps online, or for a temporary page while you work on your larger site. With a simple one-page site, you'll be able to introduce your service and provide the most important information to site visitors.

In addition, the integrated contact form will allow you to engage with interested visitors and store their details for future correspondence.


  • All the standard inclusions
  • Single page site
  • Up to up 6 image & text content block variations
  • Small form
  • Image gallery
from $2,500*


from $8,500*

The Medium package delivers more flexibility with the introduction of an integrated WordPress back end, giving you greater control. You'll be able to edit site content and refine your messaging whenever you need through the powerful CMS features.

With more pages in your site you'll also have further opportunity to improve your SEO rankings and provide users with more in-depth information.


  • All the standard inclusions
  • 5-10 page site
  • Up to 3 page templates
  • Up to 3 image & text content block variations per template
  • Single-level page hierarchy
  • Medium form
  • Image gallery
  • WordPress integration
  • Yoast SEO
from $8,500*


from $17,500*

The Large package contains all of the inclusions from the Small and Medium packages but gives you more of everything.With more pages and more template variations this package is suited for websites that contain a variety of content types, beyond simple posts.

Additionally, a second navigation level is perfect for sites that need pages structured in a more hierarchical way.


  • All the standard inclusions
  • 10-20 page site
  • Up to 5 page templates
  • Up to 4 image & text content block variations per template
  • 2-level page hierarchy
  • Medium form
  • Image gallery
  • WordPress integration
  • Yoast SEO
from $17,500*

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* All pricing in AUD exc. GST. Prices and inclusions subject to change.

Have custom requirements?

We love that every client is different, so if you're looking for something that doesn't fit exactly into any of our pre-defined packages, that's no problem. We can discuss your requirements with you and put together a package that delivers all the functionality you need, whether it's extra small, extra large, or lies somewhere in between.

Extra Small

If you're looking for something simpler, there are more options we can explore. Although we excel in creating custom design solutions, some jobs require quicker turn-arounds and smaller budgets. Ask about our template based solutions that will allow you to get your business online, with the least fuss.

Extra Large

Sometimes it takes a little (or a lot) more to bring your vision to life. Custom development is our specialty, so whether it's eCommerce, a custom calculator, CRM integration or anything else, we can develop additional components and functionality to suit. Tell us your requirements and we'll put together a quick quote for our custom web design service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these packages just templates?

No. While there are some similarities we believe we've found the perfect sweet spot between templates and complete custom builds.

Our packages take advantage of our strategic UX framework and design patterns to deliver great user experiences which have been well-tested to maximise engagement and generate results for your business.

Whereas a template will use a pre-made design and code-base, our packages are based on a loose set of building blocks that we've designed specifically to be assembled for each individual client.

In this way they provide more of a skeleton or foundation that we can build upon to assemble a website specifically to your needs. You get to choose how the features are combined and the visual styling is completely customised to your brand.


Why are they so cheap?

We recognised the need for a more cost-effective alternative to our fully customised services, hence our business packages were created.

Because these packages take advantage of our fine-tuned UX and design libraries, we're able to deliver the high-quality results of our premium services, at a more affordable rate.

Importantly, we make sure that all of our packages have the most valuable functional inclusions to provide you with right business tools to power your online performance. We've got a long history in working with these technologies and have identified the core elements that best drive success.

With the design and development processes streamlined through our skeleton toolkit, we're able to reduce the time required to assemble your individual outcome whilst delivering amazing results.


Why aren't they cheaper?

It's true, you can buy an off-the-shelf template for under $50, or even for free, so why do our packages cost more?

Whereas it might sound like a template will get you up and running with a minuscule investment, that's not exactly the case. Obtaining the template is the easy part, installing it and customising it to your exact needs is a process that takes some technical knowledge and requires a modest yet not-insignificant amount of time. Further more, our packages aren't trying to be "install and go" solutions.

We build your site from our well-crafted set of building blocks in a tailored way. Whilst much more affordable than a complete custom solution, this still requires professional skills to craft the final outcome. Your site will be custom assembled by our expert design and development team, who will test and make sure your site is fine-tuned specifically for your business needs with your unique brand aesthetic.


Will my website work on mobile devices and desktop browsers?

Yes, we deliver responsive web design for all clients. We ensure that your site looks great on any device, whether users visit from a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

A responsive design allows the web page to adjust elements based on the user’s screen. For example, when your site is viewed on a mobile device, the page may rearrange or hide elements to make it easier to view on the smaller screen.


Why are your packages better than a template?

Templates are often too simple, or too complex, and are often built as a one-size-fits-all solution. In order to generate this flexibility, they create very complex back-end editing systems that can become unwieldy and create problems with consistency and overall interactive functionality.

Due to this, templates are notoriously clunky in terms of their page-load speeds and their search engine performance. We've hand crafted our packages to deliver very small files sizes that load quickly and are responsive to interact with.

Our SEO experts have defined the best on-page SEO implementations which means our packages deliver websites that perform with the same DNA of our premium custom solutions.


What do your web design services include?

With our “small” custom web design package, you get a one-page website with up to six images, text content, a small contact form, and an image gallery.

A single-page site works well as an online business card. It includes basic information about your products or services and a contact form for inquiries.

For a start-up or small local business, consider building a five-page website. We offer a five-page option with up to three page templates and three images per template. These sites include single-level hierarchy, a medium form, image gallery, WordPress integration, and Yoast SEO.

Our large website design package allows up to twelve pages with up to five page templates and four images per template. We also include two-level hierarchy along with everything included in the other plans.

We also offer custom solutions. If you need eCommerce, CRM integration, or any type of customised options, we can tailor your web design package to meet your requirements.


What else effects the cost of design services?

If you select one of our packages, you will receive everything needed to get your business online with a single payment. However, every business has different needs.

When you require additional solutions beyond the scope of the web design package, we can work with you to find a suitable option. We can add features or integrations as needed for an additional fee.

In most cases, we charge our standard hourly rate. However, we also have additional packages that may suit your needs.

For example, if you need a logo design, an HTML banner ad, additional contact forms, or more landing pages, we have all-inclusive packages available.


Do you offer ongoing support for the website?

We want to ensure that you have complete control of your new website, which is why we offer convenient website maintenance and support packages.

Our support packages cover a twelve-month period, allowing you to lock in support services at an affordable rate for an entire year. The packages include a set number of support hours for dealing with any technical issues that may arise.


Do you build completely custom websites?

Yes! While our business packages are for those clients that are looking to develop an online solution with the least fuss and most effective pricing, many clients need something truly unique and purpose-built to their requirements.

In fact our core business is in providing completely custom digital solutions including websites, mobile apps, elearning and gamification. We follow a strategic process that gets to the key fundamentals about your business, your user personas, and the key goals for your organsiation.

If you're looking for a custom design and development solution contact us to discuss your needs.

Learn more about our custom web design services 


What is the production process?

In many ways the production process of our packaged options is very similar to our premium custom service.

We start with a round of wireframes that we'll assemble and get your approval on before moving on to the design phase. In the design phase we'll work within our existing design patterns but integrate your brand aesthetic and style guides to customise the look and feel for your business.

Once that's approved we'll go through to build phase where we put together the functionality that will bring your website to life. At this point, once we receive your approval it will be time to launch the site and monitor performance.


What other website solutions do you provide?

We have a complete range of digital marketing and website development solutions to help propel your business to new heights. This includes search engine optimisation (SEO) services.

With our SEO packages, you can increase the organic traffic that your website receives. We help you climb the Google search engine rankings, resulting in more visitors to your website.

Along with SEO, we have a wide range of other options. We are available for illustration, graphic design, social media marketing, digital marketing, eCommerce, landing page creation, mobile app development, game development, and so much more.

You can count on us at Code and Visual for all your online marketing and web design needs.


How do I track my website stats?

All our website solutions include Google Analytics integration. We add the required code to every page to provide complete website tracking in real-time. You can access your Google Analytics dashboard to quickly view the number of visitors your site experiences each day or to review any other statistics.


How can I start planning my new website?

The website design process begins with an initial consultation. We need to learn more about your business, industry, and customers. We want to know exactly what you are looking for, which allows us to help you select the right web design package.

If you are interested in building a new website for your business, the next step is to contact us at Code and Visual. Get in touch with us today to start planning your custom web design.

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