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Need an expert opinion?

Our Website Design Review service offers expert advice on the best improvements for your website.

We understand that managing a successful online presence can be complex, which is why we offer a comprehensive review of your website to identify opportunities for improvement.

Our design review packages: From consultation to implementation.

We provide a range of packages available to suit your business needs and budget.

Our team of experienced professionals will provide you with a detailed report of recommendations across a range of key areas, including layout and aesthetics, content and SEO, and conversion and data capture goals.

From initial consultation, to the implementation of our recommendations - Contact us today to learn more and get started.

What's included in our Website Design Review & Consultation packages

By reviewing these and other aspects of the site, we can identify any issues or areas for improvement, and recommend adjustments to the site that will make it more user-friendly, improve its performance in terms of SEO, and increase your conversion and data capture goals.

All of our packages include:

  • SEO Report
  • Site performance report
  • Design and mobile usability review
  • Business goal enhancement suggestions
  • Google Analytics report (if available)
  • Unlimited client review (within quota of hours)
  • Technical implementation (exc. X-Small package)
  • Add-on hours available

Choose your package


from $5,016*

The Small Package is an ideal choice for website owners looking to address specific issues or challenges with their website. Whether it's improving the layout of universal elements such as the header, footer or main menu, or looking for top line suggestions regarding ways to introduce more effective calls to action. This package is for those that are looking to tackle a short list of quick wins.


  • 3-factor review
  • Prioritised list of suggestions
  • 8 hours review & design
  • 16 hours technical implementation
  • 5% discount
from $5,016*


from $7,326*

The Medium Package is designed for organizations looking for a more in-depth review of their website, with a focus on both design and development. It includes a more comprehensive exploration that takes into account not only specific pain points but also the overall site performance and security, uncovering recommendations made through a more extensive and broader review.


  • 5-factor review
  • Prioritised list of suggestions
  • 12 hours review & design
  • 24 hours technical implementation
  • 7.5% discount
from $7,326*


from $14,256*

The Large Package is our most comprehensive offering, with an allowance for extensive design and development efforts. This package is suitable for businesses or organisations looking to make significant improvements to their website, including layout and aesthetics, content and SEO, and conversion and data capture goals. The development hours within this package can deliver the most impactful improvements and help deliver on your business objectives.


  • 7-factor review
  • Prioritised list of suggestions
  • 24 hours review & design
  • 48 hours technical implementation
  • 10% discount
from $14,256*

Looking for something else?

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* All pricing in AUD exc. GST. Prices and inclusions subject to change.

Have custom requirements?

We love that every client is different, so if you're looking for something that doesn't fit exactly into any of our pre-defined packages, that's no problem. We can discuss your requirements with you and put together a package that delivers all the functionality you need, whether it's extra small, extra large, or lies somewhere in between.

Extra Small

Not sure where to start, or just looking for some initial advice?
The Extra Small package includes four hours of review time, and is priced at $880 AUD. Standard review items for this package might include a review of the overall layout and aesthetic of the universal site elements (home page, main menu, header, footer), as well as any top-level usability issues or broken links. We'll also provide a simple performance and SEO assessment report.
This option provides an expert summary regarding the state of your site and the major changes that could be made to deliver the quick wins.

Extra Large

If your site is in serious trouble, or you're just serious about improving your site performance then the Extra Large Package is for you.
In addition to the items included in smaller packages, the Extra Large Package includes more Design and Development hours that will allow us to take a deeper dive into exploring and implementing the best solutions for your site.
As with all the packages, you can choose to purchase additional development hours in order to implement some of the more ambitious recommendations that arise from the review.

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Website Design Review & Consultation services.

Layout and navigation

Is the layout of the site easy to understand and navigate? Are important pages and information easily accessible to users? 


Is the design of the site visually appealing and consistent with the branding of the business or organization?


Is the content on the site useful, relevant, and well-written? Does it clearly communicate the value and benefits of the products or services being offered?


Conversion and data capture goals

Are there clear calls to action on the site that encourage users to take desired actions (such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter)? Are there forms or other methods in place for capturing data from users (such as email addresses or demographic information)?


Is the site easy to use, with clear calls to action and form fields that are easy to fill out? Are there any broken links or error messages that might be frustrating for users?

Search Engine Optimisation

Are there appropriate keywords and meta tags being used throughout the site, and are there any technical issues (such as slow loading times or duplicate content) that might be hindering the site's performance in search results?


Are there clear calls to action on the site that encourage users to take desired actions (such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter)? Are there forms or other methods in place for capturing data from users (such as email addresses or demographic information)?


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Contact Code and Visual to discuss one of our Design Review Packages and get insights through our multi-factor assessment. We'll identify key areas for improvement, and provide recommendations to improve your web presence, and bring value to your business.

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