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Let's Go Taxes - Branding and Logo Design by Code and Visual - screenshot
Let's Go Taxes - Branding and Logo Design by Code and Visual - mobile screenshot 1 Branding and Logo Design - mobile screenshot 1 frame

Let’s Go Taxes Brand

Branding and Logo Design

For “Let’s Go Taxes”, we crafted a distinctive brand identity as part of a comprehensive solution encompassing art direction, website design and development. This process began with an in-depth exploration of the brand’s character and personality, drawing insights from our detailed questionnaire. Our focus was on creating a brand that resonates with a tech-savvy, efficient, and time-conscious demographic. The goal was to position “Let’s Go Taxes” as personable, approachable, and tech-savvy, breaking away from traditional and outdated perceptions of tax services.

  • Q) What three attributes do you want the audience to think of when they think about your organization?
    A) Personable, Approachable, and Tech Savvy
  • Q) How would you describe the tone and personality of your brand and the desired look and feel for the website?
    A) More of a casual tone/Welcoming/Open-minded/Trustworthy
  • Q) What are your brand’s strengths?
    A) Quick service/top notch communication/straight up and honest in business dealings.

The final logo, focusing on the text “Let’s Go” and deliberately omitting “Taxes,” was designed to embody more than just tax services, allowing for future expansion into other areas of accounting. The color palette, featuring blue, purple, and red, aligns with the client’s preferences and adds vibrancy and energy to the brand.

Discover more about the Landing Page we developed for “Let’s Go Taxes” and explore how we translated these insights into a dynamic online presence.

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