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Donna Hay – Online Store

ecommerce refresh

We were delighted to work with Donna Hay to refresh their online e-commerce store. Along with a completely new backend, we integrated services for shipping and easy administration by the warehouse staff.

How we worked

With a long established online store, Donna Hay were ready to make the move to a more modern platform, and chose Code and Visual as their partners to help them with the journey. Commencing with a consultation, we worked with the team to determine what the key priorities for the shift were, and narrowed down the possible courses of action.

Coming from a legacy platform, the ability for a modern system to introduce immediate efficiencies was full of potential. Together, we explored the best way for a new solution to reduce workflow times and integrate with the associated services involved in fulfilling online orders. 

The new solution

We delivered a solution built on the leading set of frameworks, powering 30% of today’s ecommerce industry.  The end result was a newly integrated solution, which simplified and streamlined their front end and back end workflows. The ubiquity of the underlying solution also delivered the benefits of a large developer base, and an ecosystem of extensions for enhanced functionality.

Technically, due to the nature of marketing communications and traffic spikes from promotions, new television broadcasts etc. we deployed the site on a robust AWS infrastructure. This ensured that the store could withstand heavy loads of traffic, with the option for responsive upgrading if/when necessary.

Looking to refresh?

If you’re looking for a local partner to help refresh your eCommerce platform, let’s get together and discuss your best options. 

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