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South.Point Advent Calendar

Digital Brand Activation

What we did

Code and Visual took up the challenge to bring some extra holiday cheer to the South.Point retail center with a bespoke touchscreen Advent Calendar. From the first storyboard sketch to the final touches of the interactive build, we crafted an activation that not only engaged with the centre’s customers, but was also fun and simple to interact with.

South.Point Advent Calendar

How we did it

We began with a vivid storyboard, designed with the user’s journey in mind. We wanted to make sure that every interaction with the calendar was intuitive, fun, and rewarding. Our team kept the user interface design easy to use and inline with the centre’s promotional styling.

South.Point Advent Calendar

On the technical side, we harnessed the power of a Windows machine attached to the latest touchscreen hardware to create a display that wasn’t just responsive, but a fun prize-winning experience. The end result? A perfect blend of the latest technology and fun user-centric design, all aimed at elevating customer engagement and shining a spotlight on the retail center’s holiday spirit. 

South.Point Advent Calendar

See it in action

View the promotional video:

South.Point Advent Calendar

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