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Hangry Kids

Interactive Gamification Ads

The challenge

EveryPlate, a meal kit delivery service owned by HelloFresh, wanted to launch a new marketing campaign targeting busy families with young children. Their objective was to showcase the convenience and affordability of their service, while also highlighting how their meals could satisfy even the pickiest and hungriest eaters. To achieve this, they approached our agency to create an interactive HTML5 gamification ad that would capture the attention of potential customers in a fun and meaningful way.


After extensive research and brainstorming, we decided to create an interstitial ad that looked like an interactive tutorial for a three-in-a-row game, similar to Candy Crush or Bejeweled. This genre was chosen due to it’s popularity with the target customer group. The concept would be to deliver the ad to where a segment of this group spends a significant amount of time, playing mobile games. The ad would be built to fit seamlessly with their existing play experience, displaying as an interstitial tutorial. Players would be guided on how to match three or more food items to accumulate points and trigger the “EveryPlate” bonus. Upon activating the bonus, the game would transform the individual ingredients into a delicious meal that the Hangry Children would enjoy.

Art Direction and Animation

To bring our concept to life, we designed the look and feel of the character and user interface art, working with our talented creative team to bring to life a realistic and fun looking casual game aesthetic.

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