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Annual Report Design - Sydney and Canberra.

In today’s world, annual report design can be so much more than just graphs on paper. At Code and Visual we provide our clients with interactive annual reports that can be viewed on the web, on desktop browsers, and on the go with mobile devices.

Your annual reports will never be the same.

The amazing data you’ve packed in to your annual report can sometimes go a little under appreciated. At Code and Visual we bring annual report designs to life through the interactivity and accessibility of the modern digital web.

Let’s face it, traditional print annual reports are expensive to produce, difficult to deliver and can be hard for third parties to access later on.

Enter: Interactive Annual Report Design

Digital annual reports allow for exploration and sorting to bring valuable data to life in a way that suits the reader’s needs at the time.

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Annual report microsites:

Cheaper, easier and more flexible ways to produce annual reports.

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Annual Report Design services.

Interactive annual reports

We work with all modern internet standards including HTML5, using advanced CSS and JavaScript to bring your data to life.

Working in this fashion we can deliver mobile and desktop optimised solutions that look beautiful and fit any screen they’re viewed on.

Once a template is created for your annual report we can re-purpose and repackage it to be used as a starting point for subsequent years.

Custom infographic design

Infographics bring data to life with a speed that graphs and charts can fall short of at times.

Sitting at the nexus of design and illustration it’s takes specific skills in strategic visual communication to present the important information in a cohesive manner.

Infographic design always starts with the data but without skills in analysis and presentation it will fail to make the right impression.

Responsive microsites

The modern web is built on the concept of responsiveness. In short, this allows for web and mobile designs to adapt to multiple screen formats across all available devices.

This brings a convenience to the reader, enabling them to consume the content when and where suits them the most.

We take pride in crafting efficient and responsive designs with meticulously optimised code.

Let's crunch those numbers.

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