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Security threats, compatibility issues, and outdated pages? At Code and Visual, we offer reliable website support services to help keep your business up and running.

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Avoid Downtime with Quality Support.

As a website owner, you likely have dozens of other pressing issues that need your attention across the working week. With our WordPress maintenance and support packages, you have one less concern to deal with.

After hiring someone to build your website, it is important to keep the site updated. This includes updating the platforms and plugins that you use as well as updating the content. Keeping the content on your website fresh helps improve search engine optimisation (SEO), driving more traffic to your pages.

You also need to keep your site updated. WordPress, plugin developers, and other platforms frequently update their code to fix the latest security vulnerabilities. Without these key updates, you remain exposed.

Convenient Maintenance and Support Packages.

You can rely on our maintenance packages for ongoing WordPress support in Sydney or maintenance for any existing website.

Allow us to handle the updates and fix any technical issues that may arise. This gives you the freedom to focus on growing your business.

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WordPress Website Maintenance and Support services.

What Does Website Support Include?

With website support in Sydney, you receive a comprehensive solution for ensuring that your site runs smoothly. Our support services cover any technical problems that occur. We also keep your website updated, reducing the risk of security vulnerabilities. Our support packages include a set number of hours for dealing with functional issues, such as updates to your WordPress installation or the plugins that your site depends on. If you do not need all the available hours for updates or technical fixes, you can use support hours for a variety of other web services. You can use your support package for additional website development, A/B split testing, or SEO. Our experienced team can handle all your coding and design needs. However, the primary focus of our support services is custom coding and functionality. We work on keeping things running smoothly.

Does Website Support Include Domain Name and Hosting?

We do not provide hosting services or domain name registration. We can assist with certain tasks related to hosting, such as migrating your website. However, you should direct issues related to your hosting account directly to your hosting provider.

How Quickly Do You Respond to Support Issues?

The response time depends on the package you select, the complexity of the issue, and the severity of the problem. Every package includes a set number of critical issues. We always respond to these issues as soon as we can. When responding to these issues, you can use up to four hours of support time without seeking authorisation. We continue to provide updates every hour until we resolve the issue. For non-critical issues, the maximum response time may vary. With our most affordable support packages, we respond within five business days. With the top support package, we respond within 24 hours. We complete work during standard business hours (9 am to 5 pm). When submitting a request outside of these hours, you need to wait until the following business day for the swift resolution of your issue. Keep in mind that the response time refers to the period when we become aware of your issue and begin diverting resources to resolve the problem. The response time does not refer to the completion of the issue.

How Many Hours of Support Do You Provide?

with the response time, the number of hours of support you receive depends on the package that you select. The total service hours range between 10 and 200 hours, provided over the course of twelve months. Each request includes a minimum charge of one hour applied toward your total remaining support hours. We then bill work in half-hour increments. All tasks count toward the hourly quota, including researching the issue, liaising with you or your staff, and performing any other tasks. You can request an updated tally of your current remaining hours at any time or at regular milestones.

How Long Does the Support Last?

For website support in Sydney, we offer twelve-month packages. Instead of a monthly retainer, you pay a single upfront fee and receive a full twelve months of support.

What Happens When I Run Out of Support Hours?

We offer ad hoc support for dealing with issues beyond the included support hours. For work done outside of your support plan, we charge our standard hourly rate. This work also includes a minimum charge of one hour. How Many Critical Issues Do You Respond To? The number of critical issues that we respond to depends on the package. The most affordable package includes one critical issue while the most comprehensive package includes five critical issues.

Do You Offer Support for Email Accounts?

No, we do not support email accounts or set up email clients. If you experience any problems with your email service, we suggest that you contact your email/web hosting provider. However, we can help you begin the required support dialog with your provider.

Do You Offer Support for Third-Party Software?

No, we do not provide support for third-party software or applications. We do not assume responsibility for the performance of third-party services. As with email issues, we can help find and propose a solution to your issue.

When Do I Pay for the Support Package?

We require upfront payment for our support packages. The twelve-month support contract begins the moment we receive payment or when you submit your first support request – whichever comes first. The contract lasts for twelve months. At the completion of the contract, you can purchase a new support package. However, we do not carry over any unused hours from the previous twelve months. If you still have support hours available near the end of your twelve-month term, you can use the hours for additional services such as website development or SEO.

Why Should I Start Using Support Services?

If you do not have an in-house web development team to handle functional issues, you may experience downtime. Every minute that your website remains down you can lose opportunities to gain new customers. Failing to keep your website updated also increases the risk of crashes or other issues that prevent visitors from accessing your pages. With our reliable WordPress support in Sydney, we keep your WordPress installation, themes, and plugins updated.

What Other Services Do You Provide?

At Code and Visual, we offer a wide range of coding and design services, from website design to these support solutions. We can build your website from scratch, create logos, handle your online marketing, and improve the SEO on your web pages. We also offer mobile app and game development. Engage with your customers or clients with effective apps that they can install on their phones or tablets.

How Do I Start Using Your Support Services?

If you want to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with dependable website maintenance and support, select a package that meets your specific needs. We offer seven different packages to accommodate any budget. We can also help you select the package that best matches your requirements. Contact us today at Code and Visual to learn more.

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