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Whether it's an EDM for lead generation or customer engagement with your brand, we design amazing html email templates for newsletters, email campaigns, notifications & more!

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If you need to send out EDM promotions, reminder emails or just need to increase engagement with your user base, then we can help. We provide email template design services that work as part of your targeted email campaign strategy. With integration into CRMs such as Salesforce, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and more, you can turbo boost your email marketing efforts with pin-point accuracy, in a breeze.

Our email marketing services.

We're an end-to-end digital agency which means we can work with you from strategy and consultation, all the way through to implementation. So if you need to design, build or launch your marketing campaigns we can partner with you from the start, or anywhere along the process.

  • Email strategy and content development
  • Targeted segmentation and bulk automation
  • EDMs, reminder emails, Newsletter design
  • Wireframes  & graphic design 
  • HTML email development
  • Full analytics and usage statistics
  • Website integration (Wordpress, Drupal, Laravel & more)
  • CRM integration (Salesforce, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, CiviCRM & more)
  • Ongoing support

Packages with affordable prices.

If you're looking for a quick guide on our costs, check out our pre-packaged options with quick turn-around and affordable prices. All of our packages include custom design, MailChimp integration and responsive layout. Whether you're looking for a simple branded template, a newsletter or an HTML template for a promotional campaign, we have packages for all shapes and sizes.

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We partner with some of Australia's leading organizations, agencies, and not-for-profits, crafting responsive websites, mobile apps, games, and all kinds of impactful digital media.

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HTML email template design
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Email marketing and design:

Lead generation. User retention. Increased engagement.

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Email Marketing services.

What Is an HTML Email Template?

Email templates allow you to easily draft professional-looking emails to send to your subscribers or customers. With a custom template, you can add logos or a colour scheme that reflects your business, helping to reinforce your brand. Emails are either sent in plain text or HTML. With HTML email design, you can add images and formatting to make the content stand out, creating a visual impact with your audience. These benefits lead to more conversions and higher reader engagement. You do not need to know any HTML or CSS. You simply add your copy and links. The simplicity of using an HTML email template also speeds up the marketing process. Instead of spending time trying to arrange elements for each series of emails, you can quickly add your content and move onto the next task.

Why Should My Business Use Email Marketing in Sydney?

Email remains one of the most effective marketing platforms. It provides a contact point for nurturing your sales leads and retaining existing customers. With an email marketing campaign, you deliver targeted messages to an already receptive audience. The people that subscribe to your emails are asking to receive updates, promotions, or newsletters. These solicited emails tend to offer higher engagement and conversions compared to other marketing channels. Email marketing is also cost effective. You do not pay per click or bid on keywords. The only overhead is the cost of your email provider or CRM solution.

Can I Integrate These Templates with My Existing Email Campaign?

Yes, you can use the email templates with your existing campaign. We work with you to create templates that fit your intended marketing strategies. You can use HTML email design in Sydney for any stage of your campaign. Boost conversions with effective emails for promotional campaigns, post-purchase drip campaigns, triggered email series, newsletters, or any other email marketing approach. The templates also work with your existing email marketing platforms or CRMs. If you use Salesforce, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, or any other popular CRM, you should have no problem adding our HTML email templates to your dashboard.

Is Social Media Replacing the Need for Email Marketing in Sydney?

No, social media is not replacing email marketing. The stats show that email still reaches three times more people compared to Facebook and Twitter combined. Everyone has an email address, but not everyone actively uses social media. Email is the preferred communication channel for consumers. When people want to receive updates from businesses or organisations, they expect emails.

Should I Buy an Email List to Grow My Subscriber Base?

You should never buy email lists. Using premade lists is an illegitimate way to reach consumers, as most of the email addresses are unsolicited. Sending emails to unsuspecting recipients limits your chances of acquiring new customers. The people on the list may have no interest in the types of products or services that you promote in your emails. Email list suppliers tend to acquire these lists through third parties. You cannot trust the authenticity of the lists. You have no way to know whether the names on the list match your target audience. The best way to grow your subscriber list is through effective marketing. Use sign-up forms on your website to capture email addresses from visitors before they leave your site. You can also offer special promotions, deals, or digital content to entice people to subscribe.

What Types of Emails Can I Use Templates with?

You can use an HTML email template with any type of email. We have worked with clients to create templates for newsletters, autoresponder series, and a wide range of marketing emails. When setting up a marketing campaign, you may utilise a variety of types of emails. Campaigns often start with introductory emails, giving new subscribers an overview of your products or services. Most follow-up emails are informational, providing your audience with beneficial content. You may also send out product updates, surveys, special offers, or abandoned cart emails.

Can Mobile Devices Display HTML Emails?

Some browsers and email clients allow users to automatically hide all HTML, which is an option mostly used by those with slow internet connections. These days, most mobile devices are powerful enough to display HTML-rich emails without any issues. We create our HTML email templates to look great on any device. We use responsive email design so that the layout adjusts based on the size and orientation of the screen. No matter if your audience uses a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, they can easily read the content of your email.

How Often Should I Send Emails to Subscribers?

Every marketing expert has their own recommendations for email scheduling. If you bombard your subscribers with emails every day, your email list will likely shrink. However, if you wait too long between emails, subscribers may lose interest. According to one user survey, 61% of consumers have no problem receiving one promotional email per month. Fifteen percent do not mind receiving emails every day. To find the right balance, you may need to closely monitor your email marketing efforts. Keep track of the frequency of emails and the number of subscribers. If you start losing subscribers, you may need to increase or decrease the number of emails that you send. We can also add tracking data to your HTML templates, making it easier to analyse metrics and evaluate the results of your email campaigns.

Do I Need to Supply My Own Logo and Graphics?

We can easily incorporate any images, logos, or branding that you want included in your HTML email templates. Adding images is one of the benefits of using HTML email templates. Including your logo helps subscribers recognise your brand and creates more of an impact compared to plain text emails. If you do not have an existing logo or need custom graphics, let us know. We have an amazing design team with years of experience creating original logos, banners, and graphics. For answers to any other questions about HTML email templates or digital marketing in Sydney, contact us at Code and Visual.

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