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Real Estate Ranker

Real Estate Ranker™

Revolutionise Your Property Search with Real Estate Ranker, the Ultimate Real Estate Analysis App.

Real Estate Ranker

Goodbye Excel, Hello Touchscreen!

Are you tired of juggling spreadsheets and manually comparing countless property features to find your perfect home?

Real Estate Ranker is here to transform your property search with an easy-to-use app that simplifies decisions and highlights what matters most to you.

Real Estate Ranker

Streamline your property decisions with Real Estate Ranker’s custom weight slider.

Easily adjust the importance of each property feature, from land size to the number of bathrooms, ensuring that your search results truly reflect your priorities. It’s real estate decision-making, made personal and precise.

What's more, it's free!

Download and install now from Google Play.

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Key Features.

Ready to take the guesswork out of your property comparisons?


Download Real Estate Ranker today and start customizing property weights with our simple slider mechanism—because finding the right home should be about your priorities, not endless data entry. 

  • Automatic Data Extraction: Easily extract key property details directly from URLs.
  • Customizable Scoring System: Tailor the scoring to prioritize what matters most to you in a property.
  • Versatile Sorting Options: Organize properties by price, score, location, or date added to streamline your search.
  • Advanced Filtering: Narrow down your options by favorites or specific attributes thresholds to find the perfect match.
  • Autocomplete Location Entry: Quickly fill in addresses with our intuitive autocomplete feature, saving time and ensuring accuracy.
  • Direct Agent Contact Links: Easily contact property agents with just one click.
  • Email Export Capability: Send property data straight to your email for easy archiving.
  • Listed vs. Sold Price Analysis: Compare the initial listing price with the final sold price to see the percentage difference and understand market trends.
  • Personal Notes and Deal Breakers: Keep track of personal insights and critical factors for each property.
  • Google Maps Integration: Access a quick link to view each property’s location on Google Maps.
  • Commute Time Comparison: Evaluate and compare commute times from different properties to optimize your daily routine.


Why did we build Real Estate Ranker?


A few years ago, as I navigated the overwhelming sea of real estate listings, I found myself bogged down by the complex variables involved in each property—from land size to location amenities.

The challenge sparked a solution: Real Estate Ranker, a property comparison tool designed to bring clarity and precision to your property search. After receiving valuable community feedback and recognizing the potential to further serve property hunters, I've enhanced the app with predictive text inputs, improved data integration (excluding due to scraping restrictions), and a more intuitive user interface.

Each feature in Real Estate Ranker is crafted to put the power of analysis directly in your hands, without the clutter and complexity of traditional real estate apps.

Real Estate Ranker

Goodbye to Excel - Hello analysis in your pocket.

Real Estate Ranker

Get Real Estate Rankerâ„¢ now!

Designed with the Australian and Sydney property markets in mind, Real Estate Ranker tackles the unique challenges faced by homebuyers down under. From navigating the competitive Sydney housing market to understanding local property nuances, our app provides essential tools to help you gain a foothold by streamlining complex decision-making processes. Experience a customized approach that aligns with the dynamics of Australian real estate.

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