Why We Developed Real Estate Ranker, The Ultimate Australian Property Comparison App


Navigating the property market can be daunting, especially in bustling markets like Sydney. That’s why we’ve been hard at work building “Real Estate Ranker”, an innovative user-friendly real estate app designed to simplify the property comparison process for homebuyers across Australia. Read on to discover why we’ve released the Beta version of our app, and our vision to change the way Australians buy homes.

Why We’re Building Real Estate Ranker:

The idea for Real Estate Ranker originated from a common frustration encountered by many homebuyers: the complexity of comparing multiple properties effectively. As property seekers ourselves, we struggled with existing tools that were either too cumbersome or lacked specific features tailored to the unique aspects of the Australian real estate market. We needed a solution that could handle the multitude of variables in property comparison without the overwhelming setup of spreadsheets or generic tools.

Our Development Journey:

Determined to fill this gap, we got to work to create Real Estate Ranker. Our goal was to build a property comparison tool for Australia that would serve as your personal real estate mind-reader. We focused on developing features that would allow users to easily enter property information and to customize their property search assessments based on personal criteria, backed by standardised data.

Key Features:

  • Quick and Simple Data Extraction from URL: We’ve integrated one of the most widely used real estate listing websites in Australia into the user flow of Real Estate Ranker, meaning you can supply the property listing URL and the app will automatically extract much of the key information for you.
  • Customizable Weighting System: Adjust the importance of property features such as price, location, size, and more with a simple slider, making your comparisons as personalized as they are precise.
  • Advanced Data Integration: Vying to be one of the best real estate apps for Australia, Real Estate Ranker can pull in data direct from the source, ensuring that you can reliably and quickly capture the property data onto your own device (excluding realestate.com due to scraping restrictions).
  • Predictive Address Search: Enter addresses quickly and accurately with our smart autocomplete feature, designed to save you time and enhance your search experience.
  • User-Friendly Interface: We’ve created a sleek, intuitive interface that makes effective property comparison enjoyable and straightforward.
  • Not just Australia: Although it’s been developed in response to the challenging Australian market, there’s no reason why Real Estate Ranker can’t be used for other locales as well, such as Canada,  the UK, the USA, or anywhere that presents a challenging market with many decision-making facets.

Is Real Estate Ranker For You?

In developing Real Estate Ranker, we tapped into the core needs of homebuyers in Sydney and throughout Australia. Our goal is to create an app that simplifies and streamlines the process for gathering data in a common format, enabling users to compare the options in the one place with an easy and flexible ranking system. What’s more it’s a system that is transparent and that the user is fully in control of. If that sounds like something that will help you make sense of all the options ahead of you and hone in on which property will truly meet your needs, then Real Estate Ranker is for you!

Download now!

If you want the power to compare your property options in an dynamic and systematic way, then you’re in luck! Download Real Estate Ranker today and see why it’s the must-have tool for any serious homebuyer in Australia. Join others who have already streamlined their property search and start making smarter, data-driven decisions.

Learn more and download for free on the app’s product page: Real Estate Ranker.


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