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Simple AS3 class to add subscribers via MailChimp API 3.0

A simple class to allow adding subscribers to a MailChimp List in AS3, for use in Adobe Air cross platform apps. Uses version 3.0 of the MailChimp API.

How to get Mac projectors exported from a PC to open in OSX

If you’re getting error messages about corrupt Flash projectors exported from PC for Mac, there is a work around process – Read more.

App Development on Android and iOS – Why the value proposition continues to tilt further towards Adobe Air over native languages

Adobe Air’s value proposition and why it should be the first option considered for mobile app projects that need to target Android and iOS.

Tooth’n’Claw holiday edition on Miniclip

Seasons Greetings! – to celebrate the time of year Actionsprite has released a special holiday version of Tooth’n’Claw on miniclip. There’s snow, there’s presents, there’s puppies and kittens – and there’s devious snow men! Help Sam and Cody rescue all the pets before it’s too late and grab the rewards. So while it’s still the […]

Flash on iPhone – Better Than Blitting (Real World Performance Results)

I’ve been working with Flash on the iPhone for a few months now, and although I’ve successfully released a game on the App Store (check out The Hypnotist), I’ve spent most of my time experimenting and trying to discover ways of optimising code and working out just how to get the best performance out of […]

Parallax class for Flash iPhone games

What is Parallax? For those of you who don’t know what parallax is, the best way to describe it is the way objects in the background tend to move less than objects closer to the viewer. Here’s a wiki link for something more indepth. Side scrolling 2D games provide the perfect opportunity to use the […]

Recent work – The Mighty Artline

George Patterson Y&R contracted Code and Visual to complete and clean up the development of the Mighty Artline site on a very tight deadline. This involved re-implementing swfAddress and successfully rebuilding the drawing function which is central to the site concept. The site also implements Code and Visual’s custom form kit which streamlines the production […]

Exporting for iPhone using Air 2.7 and FlashDevelop – Part Five, Loading your .IPA File onto a Test Device

Continuing on from Part Four of the Exporting for iPhone using Air 2.7 and FlashDevelop Tutorial You should should now have your app compiled to a .ipa file ready to be loaded onto your test device. Uploading Through iTunes Having previously installed the provisioning profile on your test device (if you haven’t done this step, […]

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