10 web design lessons to learn from a disappointing Game of Thrones ending


1) Don’t rush

Let’s start with the obvious one, the final season of GOT just felt like it was rushed. Everything happened too quickly and it would often feel like three episodes worth of plot was being jammed into one feature-length episode. Don’t make this mistake with your website. Each step of the website design process is important and will lead to a much better result.

2) Choose an appropriate leader

Bran went from a strange and emotionless person who would stare blankly while speaking in deadpan to the ruler of the entirety of Westeros. How is that a good choice of leadership? When it comes to your website redesigns, it’s important to choose a project leader that has passion for your project, and an ability to lead a team to produce your desired outcomes.

3) You don’t have unlimited resources

Despite the decimation of the Unsullied and Dothraki at the Battle of Winterfell, Daenerys is soon seen addressing a giant army of each, only episodes later. This unlimited supply of resources is both unrealistic for GOT viewers and clients alike. It’s important to be aware of your resources and manage them appropriately,

4) Plot holes

Now that GOT is finished, all of the loose ends should be tied up and the audience shouldn’t be left with questions, but this is not the case. Don’t make the same mistake with your website. It’s important that your users can quickly and easily find the information they are looking for, and don’t leave your website with more questions than when they started.

5) Fast Travel

While Euron’s fleets ability to magically zip from place to place was maddening to GOT viewers, it’d be greatly valuable for your website. A slow-loading website can impact SEO, conversion rates and revenue – leaving you dead in the water.

6) Lost Opportunities

For 4 seasons, GOT developed Arya Stark into a Faceless Assassin, follower of the God of Death. Yet this incredible skill was completely ignored in the final season. What a waste! It’s important to be aware of your businesses strengths and abilities – and promote these appropriately on your new website, because there is nothing sadder than lost opportunities.

7) Be Found

How did Ser Bronn manage to take himself and his new crossbow across Westeros, sneak past an army and manage to track down Tyrion and Jaime? Sure it’s ludicrous, but is a hell of an impressive feat. When it comes to SEO, there’s a lesson to be taken from Ser Bronn – make sure your website is easy to find! It’ll lead to more traffic and more customers.

8) Forgotten characters

It became obvious in the later seasons that some characters really didn’t serve a purpose to the final outcome of the show, while other important characters were completely ignored. This should never be the case for your new website. It’s important that you know your users, develop key personas and understand their user journeys. Never forget your characters, and ensure they can successfully complete their journey.

9) Starbucks Cup

Attention to detail is everything. Something as simple as a Starbucks Cup will completely ruin a viewer’s experience. Ensure your new website is thoroughly tested and reviewed – because you don’t want to be remembered for all of the wrong reasons.

10) Back to the start

Nothing is worse than ending back where you started. After Jon Snow’s epic storyline with his true heritage revealed as Aegon Targaryen nothing eventually came of it, and he ended back at Castle Black. This is the same for a new website – if you are going to go through the design process, it’s important that you ensure you don’t end up back to where you started.

And how about one more:

11) Looks aren’t everything (but they certainly help)

Despite the plot holes, continuity issues and character development problems – the final season of GOT looked great! Good design will never make up for a bad product – but when used in conjunction with a solid foundation, good design will make your website stand out over the competition.



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