Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks and Digital Signage – Adobe Air vs Scala


Learn more about our custom Touch Screen Kiosk Design services. We’ve all seen and used them before and they can be a real life saver when it comes to finding information in shopping centres, bank branches, events, airports and countless other locations where people need information in spaces they may not be familiar.

Looking for a touch screen developer?Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks and Digital Signage - Adobe Air vs Scala
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Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks and Digital Signage

Looking for a touch screen kiosk developer and it might appear that a technology called Scala has a high profile in the space. They offer networked, data driven digital signage and kiosk solutions. When comparing Scala with Adobe Air I noticed that the functionality of the two, though similar is eclipsed by the absolute breadth and depth offered by Adobe Air. With a lineage stemming from Flash and now through to mobile app development combing a fully fledged and mature OOP language with a seriously breathtaking array of APIs it’s hard for Scala to compete. I’d like to see Adobe Air push further into the space of Interactive touch screen kiosk development and digital signage and am very keen to start providing these services through Code and Visual. There’s an information editorial about the value proposition of using Adobe Flash and Air for developing kiosks and digital signage which I thought was quite good:

Though Adobe’s Creative Suite will have its detractors, it has huge market share among content developers for one simple reason — it’s really good. It covers all the possibilities and allows content teams to manage projects all the way through the production cycle, and to take in media elements from other formats like print, with no worries or roadblocks thrown up by compatibility issues. For digital signage, Adobe Flash is a primary content development tool because of the vast number of users, resulting knowledge base and body of work, speed, efficiency, and flexibility it enables.

(The bolding is mine) The article continues on to enumerate many of Flash’s other strengths such as it’s amazing animation control, network access, HD video playback and more. It’s funny when we as Flash and Adobe Air developers look to neighbouring media and technology spaces and see some of the very same problems being solved with niche solutions, how often do you look around and think, I could do that! Another example that comes to mind is a job I did recently working on screens for ATMs. That’s right, Automatic Teller Machines are run on Flash – crazy huh! Now I might be a bit liberal with the term “runs on” as all of the super sensitive stuff I can almost guarantee you has nothing to do with AS3 but the fact is those little promo screens you see before, during and after your ATM experience are swf files – pretty much custom made banner ads. It was a surprise to me. With a long history in multimedia development stretching back to the CD-Rom days (remember them!) with Director, through to Flash and Air we’ve got extensive experience in delivering high performance, fully customisable interactive solutions that combine great UX with world class design and functionality. If you’re looking for a developer for an Interactive Kiosk, digital signage, or any other screen based media platform, don’t hesitate to get in contact!




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