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With their end of life announcement for Business Catalyst on March 26th 2018, Adobe officially gave website owners 3 years to make plans for migrating away from their service. Here’s our story with the technology and why we work with clients to move their websites to WordPress. You can learn more about our WordPress Development services, or continue reading for a bit of background.

Given that lots of money, time and effort goes in to developing a business website, being told that you need to migrate to a brand new CMS is not news you want to hear. Not only that, but a lot of work is invested into generating and developing the right content, which can take years to build. And then there’s all the SEO efforts that have been made to gradually increase search engine performance. Quite often this feels more like an art than a science and the fear is that moving to a new site architecture will only rock the boat.

We’ve built Business Catalyst websites before and understood the appeal of having an integrated system, backed by the enterprise teams and infrastructure of Adobe. To be honest, as developers that specialise in delivering purpose designed websites for our clients, there was also a lot of limitation that the system imposed. 

We moved on to focusing on WordPress development for this reason, but also because of the huge developer community that actively support, develop and work with the open source CMS. In fact we’re far from the only ones, which is why WordPress is currently the most widely-used CMS on the internet, with over 30% of websites using it as their administration system. There’s good reason for this, WordPress is a good balance between a standardised framework with well defined conventions, whilst also being an extensible and customisable system through the use of plugins and theme development. On top of that, once the site is built it’s also extremely user-friendly for site owners to add and edit content with, without the need to contact a developer for assistance.

Having worked with both systems we’re in a unique position to help website owners make the transition from Business Catalyst to WordPress, and given that the 3 year countdown is moving along rapidly we’re starting to see a lot of clients come to us with this exact requirement.

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